The International Society of Media in Public Health 

    The International Society of Media in Public Health (ISMPH) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization established to mainstream the media as a potent tool to accelerate health care information and delivery in Nigeria.  ISMPH is an NGO registered with the CAC on the 3rd December, 2010. The management consists of a team of eight […]Read More

Nigerians spend N100billion annually on castor oil importation- CASGPMAN President

Lawan Ali, National President of  Castor Growers Processors  and Marketers Association of Nigeria (CASGPMAN)  has over the years been working  to reduce Nigeria’s overdependence on oil as the major source of revenue. In an exclusive interview with Green Savannah Diplomatic Cable, Ali said if more Nigerians can go into castor seeds growing after undergoing training, […]Read More

Trump: Paradox of a tweeting President

By Sunday Oyinloye He was never given any chance, perhaps only a few believed he would succeed Barack Obama. Many around the world saw him as a mere billionaire entertainer who after making his money was on an adventurous journey to the land of unknown. He was widely perceived as a day dreamer looking for […]Read More

 Esther: A queen in deed (IV)

By Ebere Nwakpa ENTER MORDECAI While Haman contemplated the outcome of his thoroughgoing machinations with dark satisfaction, other players in the narrative were not so happily disposed. Mordecai’s reaction in particular was dramatic, public and noisy. There was no ambiguity or subtlety on his part. That he took the matter to heart was an understatement. […]Read More

Overhaul your agricultural policies, FAO urges countries in Horn of

By Jim Stephen UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has called on countries in the Horn of Africa region to embark on radical overhaul of agricultural policies coupled with targeted investments in climate resilience in order to contain endemic food insecurity. The FAO Representative in Kenya Gabriel Rugalema said that robust policy frameworks, increased funding […]Read More

  ……….How are you doing?…………………………….   The reason of love ………..   Love is natural and it’s a gift our Lord gave us. It’s necessary like air and water to survive. To be in love is giving you a positive boost in the brains and it will keep you more healthy. Pity though that we […]Read More


I am Miss Temi Babatunde, an Immigration Expert regulated by the Office of the Immigration and Services Commissioner in the United-Kingdom. If you are planning to visit, reside or extend your stay in the United-Kingdom, I am highly qualified and fully accredited to help you and your family by providing advice and guidance through the […]Read More

Get rid of distractions

By    Betty Ige I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t desire to live life to fullest. But how can you enjoy living life to fullest if you are overwhelmed with unending distractions here and there? Human beings are constantly surrounded with distractions in different forms. Some of these distractions come as disguises while some are […]Read More

Nigerians united we stand divided we fall

By Faith Abu Nigerian youths what’s your take on this? Are we still silent to the manipulations of the political elites and their collaborators? We can’t continue on the merry go round suffering and smiling while they move motions to fill their pockets. We can’t keep mute when a cabal is feeding fat on the […]Read More

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