UAAF Brochure 2017

Linking African Artists UCHE African Art Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims at linking young African artists and buyers in the Netherlands and Europe to offer these young artists a platform and better chance for using and keeping their talents. African Art Nigeria is bustling and developing, it now has the largest economy in […]Read More

Hard work secret of Baking- Nigerian Baker

‎ Olivia Ogwuegbu, a Computer Scientist turned caterer who lives in Port Harcourt, oil rich South-South Region of Nigeria is the Chief Executive Officer of LUSCIOUS CAKES /EVENTS . She organises and manages events,and runs trainings for beginners who want to make baking a profession.Olivia shares her experince with Green Savannah Diplomatic Cable Why did […]Read More

Ebola again? By Akinyinka Akinyoade PhD

In early May (2017), Ebola resurfaced, this time in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where it was first reported in the mid-1970s. This also marked the eighth time it has been officially reported in that country. And like in previous situations, first casualties appear relatively insignificant in scale, just four deaths, which makes it […]Read More

La hora de la verdad with Oladunni Oyedele, Giroma. Spain

Global Warming La hora de la verdad a Spanish expression means moment of truth. Yes, the world today needs home truth than ever,particularly Africa where many countries are merely struggling to give their people better life. Every week, this column will try to awaken people globally on diverse issues. This week , I will be […]Read More


“The faithful man has perished from the earth and there is no one upright among men. They all lie in wait for blood every man hunts for his brother with a net that they may successfully do evil with both hands. The prince asks for gifts, the Judge seeks a bribe and the great man […]Read More

Queen Esther (Part 1) – By Ebere Nwankpa

It must have been a time of peace and prosperity. As relative as those terms almost always are for general application, King Ahasuerus in the third year of his reign contemplated no greater priority than an extravagant and extra-long exhibition of the riches of his kingdom. It’s protracted duration of one hundred and eighty days […]Read More

The Need for a Trans-Atlantic Policy

​by Akindele Akinyemi M.A. Most of the time we hear certain people discuss the need for “an urban agenda.” To me, an urban agenda, here in the United States, mean more unnecessary government intrusion that has nothing to do with real concrete solutions. In a global community, we need to shift our focus away from […]Read More

THE WORLD with Sunday Oyinloye

Rejoice not over terror attack The history of America cannot be said to be complete without a mention of 11th September, 2001. It was like any other day until the agents of darkness struck and hit the world’s strongest nation with the worst terrorist attack in her history ,killing thousands of people and the famous […]Read More

A CASE FOR OPCW – By Sunday Oyinloye

There is no better time than now for the world to unite against threat of chemical weapon. Never has the world been gripped with the fear of unknown than it is currently experiencing. The reason for this is understandable. There have been accusations and counter accusations about the use of chemical weapon in the prolonged […]Read More

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