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Is there any right or wrong perspective?

By Liza  Baldelomar

According to the dictionary, Perspective is a particular attitude toward or a way regarding something, it can be an outlook, point of view, approach, interpretation, or an object wherein you have different impression on height, width, depth or position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.

The world has a various different perspective from cultures, beliefs, values, costumes, tribes, attitudes, environment, objects and how we see the universe as a whole, as a nation, as family, as a person and so on and so forth.

As an individual, even though we were raise in one family we have also individual differences and different perspective in life.  With this, I think there is no right and wrong perspective.  It is how you see and value things, it’s either positive or negative.  I am always considering the fact that we are from different race and each person is entitled to his or her own perspective.

Let’s take a look on the literary perspective, while reading books whether it is a true story, fiction and or non-fiction.  The readers always observe, see and experience the events and even feels the character of the protagonist through a certain point of view which we called a perspective.

Same goes with the business perspective it comprises the group of people wherein you have one purpose to achieve the vision and mission of the company.  It’s branding, methods and systems, strategies, planning, marketing, financing, accounting and administration.  Though it will be ruled by different people with different perspective but there is only one goal and it goes always with only one perspective which is the positive one. To become successful in the industry they belong with.

Personal perspective is a psychological balance of every person in which facing the daily activities of life.  It is how you handle things along your way. It consists also the unpredictable mood of every person, especially when trials and problems arise.

Personal perspective comes with different time and attitude towards what life brings them or what kind of life they are willing to take.  It is usually handled with mix feelings it is either joy, sorrows, triumphs, big and small successes, disappointments, failures, grudges and struggles in life.

Some people are willing to share their stories to release their feelings and emotions.  But these stories are also of big help with other people who can relate with them.  Mostly those stories are a motivational factor to move on and live a life.

We have a wide range discussion of “Perspective” we have also the technologies, movies, education, globalization, politics, religions, galaxies, and many more.

Lastly, it is our attitude and actions that matters, how to respond with every circumstances and situations that arises every time we face it.  The ability to understand oneself whether positive or negative and how to respond to others actions towards us is more valuable than comparing it with other people.  Our ability to identify and investigate the participation of other people in our own perspective may vary from different level of actions and level of involvement.

We are not in the position to judge others perspective in life because we do not know what they’ve been through.  We must understand that we are created by God with a unique identity and purpose. Each one of us has individual differences with different looks, skills, talents, upbringings and cultures.


Quezon, Philippines


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