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This week with Madam Peppadew

…….And ….How are you doing..?


 Silence  definition , what is silence ; a period without any sound; complete quiet.

(Cambridge dictionary)

I believe for the human race the most difficult thing to do is to be quiet.

Though there are some religions who made a promise to their God never to speak or for a period.

But is it really silence?

We use silence for respect too . When we want to honour a terrible situation  whereby people lost their lives . But do we really do so ?. Our mind is still talking.


Am writing now and typing, but is it silence. Though am quiet, my brain is rattling.


Can it be very loudly , and you feel silence.

Yes , it can….

Who has ever experienced a trauma understands what I am talking about.

The state of your mind is totally blocked.

Not by drugs , not by alcohol ….. no just by the words they have told you or the situation you came in.

Your body gives you a  natural block. The noises around you , your state of mind , your whole body system is deaf for all. Silence …… inner silence….

You had a bad result by the doctor , you don’t get in panic , but you are like tranquilized.

It’s a  protection we have , and it can last for 5 minutes or even 3 months.

You are breathing , walking, talking, but internally there is a silence.

The cars, the people who are talking to you , even sometimes you can function a bit normally.

But you feel it …. Inner silence…

Till you get over it , or the situation is not as bad as expected…… it is like your body will inhale deeply.

And all the noises will come to you loudly. Ahh , you are back.


Silence  is gold, speaking is silver they say…

Is It true?

I believe so, mostly it is not the poison  what we are eating , but really what is coming out  can kill nations.

Ladies let us mind out tongues , you are  much wiser and respectful when you do that.

Yes,  maybe a good leader knows when to speak out instead of insult.


I  hereby keep my mouth today


Yours truly ,

Madam Peppadew.

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