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This week with Peppadew

……. How are you doing …..

 Party …. How I see it!

Ahhh my sister , my brother longest time. I missed you like you missed me.

Hugh without touching, kisses in the air. How are you doing??


No calls, no  interest ,no visit …nothing because you don’t go to social events again.

Human race is really something else. We can fake all ..

I have not been frequent at parties due to the death of my partner.

I attended one because it was one of my best friend’s party.

It may be that I am no longer in the system or maybe am older that I look at  things the way they are.

Women who are fake from  up to down, eye lashes to the  foreheads , nails like claws , drawn eyebrows.

Already in their late forties or more, dressed like twenty five.

Still hunting….hahahahaha…no self-esteem,. Fake smiles to each other , like you can read them ,

And pushing their bodies as close as they can to a man, whom they know is married.

It is really easy to see chewing gum going up and down in an open mouth. Same with chicken bones. And smacking noises ….Real illiterates.

I also wonder sometimes, whether  they don’t have food at home

Come on women! Respect yourselves

Very funny to see things with a clear mind.

Men with what I call compensation shoes. The longer the nose of the shoe , the shorter .. you know.

We know them as clown shoes ,  even not easy to walk on.

Wife and kids at home , misbehaving to any woman available

Drinking as much they can, far over their income  because it is free.

Even asking women for marriage as talking to them for maybe ten minutes.

It is not what they are really after , right …. As we do understand.

Then when leaving , as much bottles of whiskey or other spirits enter their pockets.

Or maybe in the nose of their shoes, that will clear me something.

And they still drive ….

Children are present and awake till late in the night.

Do you know the importance of night sleep to the brain.

That party food has no nutrition for them.

Do you know he sees  you mum and dad moving the way you do.

That the next day you should not punish  him or her for being a troublesome  son or daughter

Because you caused  their lack of healthy sleep.

If you take  this notice as an insult, probably, you are one of the people I described .

No hard feelings , learn .. educate and respect yourself

Madam Peppadew

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