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 Working to earn your spot at the top

By Diana Wendy

After spending six weeks in the USA at summer, my perception about life changed a great deal and I got to learn a lot from the experience.

Six months before I left the college, if I was asked what I wanted to do with my life after my education, honestly, I would “bla bla”. If that makes any sense, I wouldn’t clearly tell. Unfortunately this is what happens in many cases . To most of us, life is about going to school, finish college, and get a paid job. The question every one of us should ask is, I’m I making an impact in my community or organization with what I do or want to do? If you are handed that good job and position you desire so much, do you deserve it? And even if you don’t, are you ready to work and prove otherwise?

The Kenyan constitution states that women should be given  1/3 of every positions available .. This is great and it is a big step to gender equality.  In  fact, the percentage should be increased to ½, but before we fight for that, dear women, are we ready to work and earn these spots? Or we just want to be handed these positions because the constitution demands?

Let’s use our women representatives in the counties as an example, in my personal opinion,  they don’t do anything, they are just occupying the positions. Sorry to say but it is the open truth. If not, why is it that none  of them  has moved  a motion of free sanitary towels for our girls in school back in their communities, or come up with a sustainable solution to prevent absenteeism from school during the girl’s precious moments ‘monthly periods’, then what exactly is the role of women representatives?

The small things you do in your position should make a difference. Work hard to get what you want and you will be respected only if you earned the spot. You will know how to change the narrative if you deserves   the spot you are occupying. No one will pull you down if you work your sweat out. You will inspire so many if you know and understand the people you represent!!! And let us not have the stupid “I am too pretty to be broke” mentality, that’s stupid, right? Earn your spot with DIGNITY!!!

There are women out there who work very hard every day to provide for their families, who are part of the movers and shakers, the brightest minds in the continent, I want to be part of these women. Women who love their jobs and do them passionately. The so -called house girls in our houses, they are great women, without them you may not be where you are. Support and respect everyone who do their jobs well.

I will earn my spot by changing the perception of leadership, improve food security in the continent  encourage women who put on blue overalls and get on the tractors and combine harvesters, bring them on board. Why? Because I am a Woman in Agriculture and Technology!!!

Diana Wendy is an Agricultural and Biosystems  Engineer  from Kenya.

She works as a design and maintenance Engineer of farm machinery and equipment at Bubayi  Farm in Kitale, Kenya. Diana is also a Volunteer at  Kiminini Small Home of the Disabled , Kitale, Kenya

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