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Fixing the Invisible you to fix the visible you


Welcome to Health Patch exclusively on Green Savannah Diplomatic Cable. This is Mama Besem, Diamond Consumer with JM International. Today our slogan is “It is not incurable; it is your energy field!!!”

Ever passed through automatic sliding doors? How did the door know you were coming? You didn’t touch it, or did you? It is the Invisible you!!! Humans are 1% matter and 99% energy field; your energy field touches the doors.  Here’s the thing; you get ill in the energy field before your body develops symptoms. Funny thing is, conventional medicine only caters to that 1% in a capitalistic manner. So when SCDs (Stroke-Cancer-Diabetes) come knocking; or you just stuck with AHA (Alzheimer, High blood, Arthritis) AHA; It is not incurable; it is your energy field.

Humans have gotten into an era of ACIDOSIS, means your body is much more acidic than alkaline. The first cause is Electromagnetic Frequency EMF radiation. It doesn’t take E=MC2 to understand this, just put your cell phone with WhatsApp and Facebook active under your pillow as you sleep and you will wake up with a headache. Answer a call from abroad for 1 hour with your phone on your ear and you will get dizzy. This should be enough to tell you that your cell phone is sending out dangerous waves that are troubling your body’s energy field and making you increasingly sick. So too is your microwave, your computer, your bank card with a chip, the cell phone Antenna in your neighborhood and your WIFI. So, now that you are complaining about your health, what do you think is happening to your child with the cell phone and electronic gadgets you gave them?  Very soon you will say the devil is after you or some poor old woman in the village has bewitched your children and they are not doing well in school! Yet it is not incurable; it is your energy field.

Health Patch says it is no secret that SCDs and AHA are on the rampage, and people are giving tithes and chasing prophetic healers to solve their so-called incurable diseases. Yet Scripture tells you simply that “MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.” All you need to act on is this information: It is not incurable; it is your energy field. Conventional medicine cannot restore your energy field to how God created it— healthy, functioning and auto healing. You are also not about to give up your cell phone use and even if you did, your neighbor has WIFI and some unscrupulous person collected large sums of money from a company that has planted its cellular antenna in your neighborhood or even on top of the hospital building itself.

Health Patch recommends you obtain a product of 21st C research that neutralizes EMF and structures water (the human body is over 70% water) JM International’s Alpha Spin. Structured water will raise cell frequency back to normal and those rapidly multiplying cells will stop, brace themselves and repel each other – Bye Bye tumors.  One Alpha Spin acts within two square meters harmonizing any harmful frequency, even witchcraft which is merely a low disturbing frequency. Five Alpha Spins (in a square configuration with one in the middle) form a quantum net of positive energy and anything within the net is protected and its energy field repaired. Beware of quack Alpha Spins that cost cheaply, dealing with the JM Company is assurance of quality and results. It is not incurable; it is your energy field.

Tune in next week to hear about food Acidosis. Remember information is life! Then you can use your gadgets and know you still have a long and healthy life to realize 20-year goals and make an impact. Especially, you will die at a ripe old age as an institution not merely as a person.  If you have an eye for business, the Alpha Spin is trans-generational wealth, even poverty is not incurable; it is your energy field.  Amie gbe

Etchi Besem Oben is a PhD Theology student at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA and a citizen of Cameroon.

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