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Outlook with Silva G. William


Hello friends, you are welcome to my outlook page. I will travel with you on every edition to make your concept unique and why you should always dare to be me( referring to yourself) and no other person. What does a first impression talks about? It has a whole lot to do with your OUTLOOK!!!

Why not look and always dare to be different in a world of too many distractions. Conceptualizing your outlook with a bold smile could stimulate a cold wall…

A great outlook can only come from great mind…the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence irrespective of the situations and circumstances’, being in control is essential. I would start up by giving you little tips on your material outlook

Here is my double outlook before we go down to our general looks

Practice good hygiene: It won’t really matter what you look like if people can smell you because you haven’t washed, or if bits of that onion bagel are still stuck between your teeth. Good hygiene means brushing, flossing, and washing regularly. Make sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Remember to get your tongue to fight halitosis (bad breath). Floss nightly.

Wash and condition your hair every other day. Your body makes good oils for your hair, so you don’t want to wash them away every day. But you also don’t want them to build up.

Outlook on skin: Pamper your skin. Your skin is another important part of your outlook. Treat with care, and it will glow for you. Wash your face in the morning and at night. If you’re starting to develop or already have pimples, use a light topical cream at night. Apply a face mask once a week. If you can’t afford one, no need to skip this step. Half of a mashed up lemon with some tea for budget-savers, apply hand cream whenever possible and stay well-moisturized. Moisturize whenever you wash your face or after each shower.

Keep your nails painted and nicely filed all the time. Get them done at a salon if you’re anxious about how they might turn out.

Your Hair: This is your first real step to a noticeably different you (Outlook). Don’t be afraid! Before you go to the salon, spend some time looking through magazines and figure out what you like. If possible, the best is to bring the hairstylist a picture so you are close being very sure that you will get exactly your desired looks. . Pay attention to what product you put in your hair and how often you crimp or straighten it. Messing with your hair too often can result in damaged hair, split ends, or hair loss. If you shower in the morning, use a bit of products and let your hair go natural. Natural looking hair will keep your look pretty and soft, even more approachable in some ways.

Headbands are in right now. Black, brown, or white headbands will go with almost any outfit. There are tons of wire and jewelry-like headbands available as well.

Try new makeup. Makeup is not a must, but you may want to use it. A little bit of lip gloss over a color or on its own will fill out your lips. Unless you’re absolutely not allowed to, you should keep a little concealer, too, to cover up major blemishes. If you can’t wear makeup, make sure you take good care of your skin. This way, you won’t have as many blemishes. Keep your makeup in a cute carrying case and keep any essentials with you all the time – bag or in your purse, depending on where you’re going.

Think about getting a natural blush. The right kind of blush will make you look like your natural beauty not actually wearing blush. Get an eyelash curler if you can. Curling your eyelashes is a great alternative to mascara; curling opens your eyes up and makes them appear brighter and bigger.

Wear different makeup depending on your style. Again, the type of makeup that you use will depend on what kind of style that you’re going for. Red sticks are always outstanding for general outlooks:

Here are a few suggestions. For an emo or punk look, think dark eyeliner and dark mascara, plus a bit of red gloss to your lips for a pop. Don’t opt for pale foundation! The pasty-face is a misconception. Just because you’re emo doesn’t mean you have to look lifeless!? For a classic or preppy look, think either red or nude lips, mascara or a white pencil liner around the inner corners of the eye, along with a three-color eye shadow that’s perfectly blended. What a classic Outlook!

Practice these outlooks with your girlfriends. Take pictures to study what looks good and what doesn’t.

Remember, your outlook is a replica of your inward. Dare to be me:

Outlook Closet/Wardrobe; Uplift your wardrobe. You’re probably going to need to go shopping in order to give your appearance a makeover. But don’t, fret. Think about versatility when shopping: If you can make an article of clothing fit different items, you’ve done your job. You don’t necessarily need a ton of new clothes to change your outlook.

Silva G. William. Almere Flevoland, the Netherlands.


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