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Stay True To Your Convictions

By Betty Ige

A few days ago I read through an article that got me thinking in no small measure. According to the writer, after reviewing hundreds of applications, a certain company’s search for a new Marketing Director had been narrowed to just three candidates. The first person called for the final interview was asked just one simple question: ‘’what is two plus two?’’ Surprised by the inquiry, she wondered if it was a trick question – but in the end, she answered ‘‘four.’’ The CEO thanked her for coming and ushered her out the door.

The next candidate received the same question: ‘‘what is two plus two?’’ She thought about it for a moment and replied, ‘‘statistically, it is the number between three and five.’’ Though more impressed with this answer, the CEO thanked her for coming and ushered her out the door.

Finally, the last candidate to be interviewed was also asked, ‘‘what is two plus two?’’ Without a pause, she replied, ‘‘what do you want it to be?’’ She was hired on the spot.

Making decisions are an essential part of living and moving on in life. And there are always choices to make – the positive and the negative. Ultimately we all have to make choices because no one else will choose for us. But one fate that awaits all of us is that eventually the choices we make will either make or mar us. The choices we make define us in diverse ways.

Like any major life undertaking, making a choice to do or not to do certain things deserve some thoughtful considerations. For instance, does the fact that something appears good make that particular thing right? Is it a sure fact that if something seemingly has the potential to generate wealth, fame and the good life means it’s good for us? Being aware of the consequence of our choices, our decisions, our convictions, and our commitments is imperative if we must stay true to our inmost values in life.

The whole essence of life does not rest at the threshold of materialism. Wealth and riches can bring some measure of happiness and comfort but having inner peace and unadulterated joy that flows out of that peace becomes supreme. So I ask: what choices are before you and what stand are you willing to take? Do you have inner convictions? Are you conscious of these convictions? Are you ready to stay true to your convictions and refuse to be swayed by the momentary materials of life that will fade away?

Remember, little choices determine habit; habit carves and moulds character which makes the big decisions. Choice, not chance, determines human destiny.

Before you make that choice that will make the big decision, pause, consider and stay true to your inner convictions – even when it seems that choice doesn’t have the backing of popular opinion. Do have an awesome week and ‘see’ you next time.

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