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Unveiling the power of contentment

By Liza Baldelomar

Ever since, man is searching for contentment and never found contentment within self. Contentment is the state of being satisfied and happy with what you have and what you are.

Why is it that people are not satisfied with what they have in life? Again, why is it that some are  reluctant and complacent with their lives?


Apparently, there are lots of challenges about being contented nowadays, especially the women of today are very curious about their looks, that’s why all kinds of beauty products are in the market even the prosthetic surgery.

Emotionally, we live in a fast moving world, so we tend to live lives of stress, hard work, while pressure from peer groups is there. Materially, we tend to do everything just to get what we want in life and to be part of a world full of material things.


Spiritually, we feel guilty for not being satisfied physically, emotionally and materially. Some people misinterprets   the meaning of contentment, that’s why instead of doing things to improve their lives, they tend to wait for nothing and hoping and wishing that God will pour out blessings in front of them.


True contentment is having connection with the source and a good relationship with God.  We will find peace and contentment if we know who we really are.Giving value to yourself is showing love to God and for God.  We are here for a divine purpose and that divine purpose is within us. We should accept who we are because we are loved.


We should remember we were created from nothing and we will be gone for nothing.  Our life should manifest what is in us.  If God created the world out of nothing, He could certainly lift you from nothing to something. Contentment is a learning process and does not depend on the circumstances if we are well of or not well of.  If you know your creator you will be contented. If you have peace of mind and self-control you will find the super natural being within you.


Contentment doesn’t mean you will not do any activity that improves and develops your life.  It means that you have to learn the attitude of gratitude whatever situation you are in, thanking God whatever may come your way whether it is good or bad.


Having material possessions is good, but if you feel not complete without these material things there is something wrong.May you find the real contentment in your heart through our Almighty God.


Liza Baldelomar

Quezon City, Philippines


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