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Which way Nigerian Youths?

By Faith Abu

For a some time , I have been wondering about the agitations and frustrations of Nigerian youths which I am ashamed to say I am one of them. Nigeria is our fatherland, our heritage the labour of our heroes past.  Are we just folding our arms and looking the other way as if we don’t have any stake in the project called Nigeria?

Our  country is like a green area  richly blessed with human and natural resources which are supposed to be a blessing to us all, unfortunately, it is becoming  a curse because  the youths are not maximizing their potentials

Wait a minute, have you ever asked yourself the history of our fatherland ? How you would live up to the expectations of the labour of our heroes  who really fought for the freedom of our land?

Does anyone think that violence is the solution to our diverse  problems ? Does anyone think it is our religious differences that is our problem?  In this 21st Century? Nigerian youths need to wake up  from their slumber and do everything legitimate to secure  their future instead of fighting each other..

We should  have realised that violence never helps. Take a look at Libya, the dream and vision of Ghadaffi for us to be a united, but his life was truncated with the help of his own people .. With all the empty promises of the West, have you taken time to ask how Libyan is  faring today as compared to when they had the so called dictator, Muammar Ghadafi? However I am not in any way promoting dictatorship.

Do you want to migrate as refugee to another country after destroying your own land?  Speaking from experience.  I have lived  in another man’s country for one year and I tell you  I knew the true meaning of the saying “There is no place like home” Not that I was not comfortable, but for what I experienced as a foreign student .Why is our own case different?

Ghanaians very close to us here took  the bull by the horn and has since put their political elites on check. Now many are  looking up to Ghanaians. I don’t see Ghanaian youths migrating outside the shores of their country looking for menial jobs in the proportion we do as Nigerians. Their educational system is good; here the system keeps changing just like the policies.

It is unfortunate that despite change of government every four years, it is still the old recycled  politicians that are controlling the affairs of our nation. They make promises they can’t keep. They are also good in instigating youth against one another.

All the zones are singing war songs and I have been asking  myself, what becomes of us if we decide to disintegrate our nation? War is not good and we should not encourage it in any form . We should have learnt a lesson from our civil war and the experiences of other nations that fought wars.

What is happening in Syria is enough for any sane human being to know that war is bad. Though many don’t have  jobs in Nigeria, they still manage their lives trying to struggle and make ends meet to keep body and soul together. This is better than crisis. We can make things happen with our votes and not through our guns, bows and arrows

I still believe  that things will  eventually change eventually but as leaders of tomorrow, we must secure our tomorrow today. As I said last week, we must stand united and say no to politicians and their collaborators who are trading in our blood.

Are we going to fold our hands and follow them like rams being led to the slaughter ? Or are we going to say no to them and take our place in the helm of affairs by resolving our conflicts peacefully? The choice is ours.


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