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Zimbabwe: From hyena to  saltwater crocodile  

Emmerson Mnangagwa

By Sunday Oyinloye

As I am writing this piece, the streets of Harare are filled with thousands of Zimbabweans jubilating over the resignation of Robert Mugabe an old man I normally call a life President  and who ruled his country with iron fist for 37 years. While Zimbabweans have rolled out drums and trumpets to celebrate the exit of a tyrant and dictator, I have been secretly praying for the poor  country,  because I have genuine fear for the future of Zimbabwe.

What happened in Zimbabwe was a coup and not that people willingly stood  up against a bad government and bad leadership. Personally, I will not support a military coup for any reason. Interestingly, the western media and indeed the West did not condemn the coup because of their hatred for the former dictator. Unknown or known to them, they are indirectly  encouraging  military intervention and setting a bad precedence, though I agree that Mugabe is everything that evil represents .

The Zimbabwean Army simply seized power and gave it to former Vice President, Emmerson  Mnangagwa, 75 who  is liked by Zimbabwean military chiefs. The man stepping  in as the President till the next election  is part of the rots in  Zimbabwe. Just like his former boss, he is said to be ruthless .

The former Vice President  benefited from systemic economic and political destruction of Zimbabwe, now he  has successfully ride on the back of the military to become  the President of Zimbabwe. He is alleged to have bad human rights records like the ousted god of Zimbabwe, so the baton is being transferred from one evil to another, from hyena to saltwater crocodile.

The question is what will be the reaction of the west if the military in another country seizes power in the name of getting rid of a dictator or a corrupt leader? Should the West support military coup for any reason

President Robert Mugabe

What we have seen in Zimbabwe is pure power play, a power game between Jezebel, sorry Grace Mugabe and “ Crocodile”, a ruthless fellow  who is also part of the problem of the poor nation. If the former Vice President  had the interest of the people at heart, he would have left the government long before he was kicked out by Mugabe, now the fate of millions of Zimbabweans lies  in his hands .

One thing is clear, Crocodile is not the messiah that Zimbabwe  needs neither is Jezebel answering Grace Mugabe, who would have probably stepped into her headband’s shoes. Both  are morally bankrupt, but now  that crocodile has fought himself to power, you can see the reason why I am praying for Zimbabwe. Did I hear you say at least the 93 year old “sleeping’ President has moved from grace to grass?

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