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……….How are you doing?…………………………….


The reason of love ………..


Love is natural and it’s a gift our Lord gave us. It’s necessary like air and water to survive.

To be in love is giving you a positive boost in the brains and it will keep you more healthy.

Pity though that we abuse all gifts we get ……………………

My Dog

This week with Madam Peppadew

I have seen , shared, felt and many ways of how you can experience love.

Love for God, love of a partner , love for your family and friends, now with my dogs.

I have been married, had relationships and moved on with my life.

I got children and grandchildren what is of course unconditional love.

Love is not sexual , but a state of mind and understanding.


Of course , love is not a force and will not always last to the end of your life.

It can be that situation or the feelings will grow you apart from the one you care for.

You have started the road together , but you take both another direction.

Nothing wrong, painful maybe but it’s a part of life.

You can make mistakes , learn, and move on.


What I never understood are the people who enter your life with another agenda.

Men ( or Women) who will come to you and fake love.

The agenda of their own progress in their lives. Or just the hunt for the kill, especially under the men.

What’s wrong with them? You are destroying somebody’s soul.

It can be because of the financial aspect they can achieve from you.

The status you have, to build their own miserable personality.

To have mixed blood children, or a child.


How can somebody do this, how can you use a person to build yourself?

It’s a path of destruction , you are killing somebody slowly like this.

Heartbreak can lead to depression , suicide, financial downfall.

How can you follow a woman who is pass your mama age , are you not ashamed.

Age IS A NUMBER! And she will end up heart broken.

Women what is wrong with you to follow a child?.

Keep your dignity. You will always loose! Shame on you.


How can you be with someone and crack whole her / his finances and leave?

How can you make half-cast children because you just want one!?

Don’t you know you are a creator not a father here.

And the child will later abuse you for not being there for him.

Hundreds of women are there without the baby daddy’s father.

Who pays the prize ….. the child of course. They did not have a stand in this.

Take a child if you want to care and love it , not that it’s so beautiful or materialistic item to have it.


The love for our creator is I believe the most abused Love there is.

Fake minds , fake leaders, fake churches , church goers  without even having any mind of Christianity.

Church as a fashion parade , church as a power, churches used for wars.

Sure there are also good ones….. Not all is alike here!

Big Big shame on us ………………


Somebody has asked me , don’t you need love than?

Naturally .I have only been disappointed in all what I have seen in my life ,and some of the people around me. I made my choice.

I keep on loving God, my family, kids and close friends.

Maybe it sounds strange but I do also love my pets.

I have a foster home for dogs, mostly English basset hounds.

In my deepest darkest grieve they gave me comfort and unconditional love.

My children left home, to live their own.

And as a volunteer worker for a NGO ,I have put myself for abuse or left behind animals.

They too need Love…..

I know for Africans it’s a strange situation , but for us Europeans it makes sense .

Not sexual but care and understanding.


To round up for today,

I will like to plead to all men and women,

Don’t use a reason to love ……….

Let Love be the reason in your actions and life!



God surely will see through your heart , and answer your prayers.

So keep it real , keep it honest , keep it clean ………


Till next time,

Madam Peppadew


Email: madam.peppadew@yahoo.com

Facebook: Ma Peppadew


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