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‘Why we need to celebrate history’

By Pastor LaTarsha D. Holden, MBA

Our history is filled with many awesome women who paved the way, broken through barriers, set the standard, defied the odds even in the face of adversity. Women who faced unknown and known dangers and yet courage still roared in their inmost being.
Sometimes that woman was our mothers or grandmothers that walked softly, but stood as a giant. It’s our scars, failures, mistakes, successes that has shaped us into the women we are today.
It is in our own rich history that we seized the opportunity to re-write our stories with boldness declaring this is not how the story will end. In order for one to celebrate, one has to accept and appreciate everything that made them who they are.
Our history is full of lessons taught and learned, winding roads, moments of despair, nights filled with anticipation that joy will come in the morning, health diagnosis, memories of giving birth, falling in love, healing from a broken heart and saying goodbye to someone you stood at the altar with and exchange vows declaring to death do us part. Yes, our history is rich and no one can take it from us, from out of it we became, we fought to become the person we are today.
Future generations depend on our strength, determination and tenacity just like we needed it from those who were before us. It is on the shoulders of our ancestors we stand, we are able to walk through the doors that they opened and the torch must be passed to the next future leaders.
History is meant to encourage, inspire and give hope; celebrate who you are today as you continue to leave your mark in the world! History is created through individuals who decided to live and stand for something that’s bigger than them. You are where you’re at for a reason to make an impact and impart into the lives of others.
It’s time to pack up shame, disappointment, rejection, depression, hopelessness, and fear and throw them away for they no longer have a place in your life. It’s time to celebrate, and appreciate your journey, your uniqueness and own your space and take your rightful place in celebrating your history.
There will never be another one of you, so give the world the best you have to offer, one day, you will have shaped history for yourself and countless others.
La Tarsha, ordained Minister, Author and Speaker lives in Atlanta, Georgia

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