This week with Madam Peppadew

….. How are you doing?….  The Netherlands , land of Milk and Honey,  A lot of people think the Dutch are a rich and nice people , honest because of complexion. Peaceful and economic stable Is it ??? We the…

Esther: A queen in deed (VI)

By Ebere Nwankpa MORDECAI HONOURED That same night, the king could not sleep. As a consequence, he decided to occupy the time with a review of the records of notable deeds and achievements in his kingdom. That someone who had…

Invest in yourself

By Betty Ige Everyone’s measure of and path to success is different; however, a person can make steady progress towards success by making great investments in their own mind, in their own self. In making investment in one’s self, the…

This week with Madam Peppadew

…….And ….How are you doing..? Silence  Silence  definition , what is silence ; a period without any sound; complete quiet. (Cambridge dictionary) I believe for the human race the most difficult thing to do is to be quiet. Though there…

Esther: A queen in deed’  (v)

By Ebere Nwankpa. The invitation For someone facing long odds and a date with mortality, Esther did not delay or drag her feet, despite her legitimate earlier misgivings, as some in situations far less onerous are wont to do. Not…

This week with Madam Peppadew

…….. How are you doing……..  Practice  what you Preach   Imagine , it’s a hot summer around  year 1997 , place my garden in the Netherlands. Really in the Netherlands, we have four seasons, spring , summer , autumn and…

The Immense Power Of Self-Esteem

By Betty Ige There is no doubt that human beings are different in dispositions and looks. And it is this difference that makes every individual unique in his or her composition. This uniqueness can be assessed in terms of personality,…

This week with Madam Peppadew

…………… How are You doing?? …… African Beat What we “the white” like most from the African culture is the music. African music is the basic from all “black music”, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ragga, Reggae, Hip Hop, Hip life, High…

 Esther: A queen in deed (IV)

By Ebere Nwakpa ENTER MORDECAI While Haman contemplated the outcome of his thoroughgoing machinations with dark satisfaction, other players in the narrative were not so happily disposed. Mordecai’s reaction in particular was dramatic, public and noisy. There was no ambiguity…

  ……….How are you doing?…………………………….   The reason of love ………..   Love is natural and it’s a gift our Lord gave us. It’s necessary like air and water to survive. To be in love is giving you a positive…

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