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Get in the flow

Have you ever found yourself in desperate need of some dose of motivation but discovered that none was forthcoming? Not even from family, friends or fans. In as much as internal motivation should be our number one priority, seeking external motivation is not totally wrong. Thats part of the reason we are human beings.

We need that sense of belonging, of community, of being a social entity. The truth is that there are times when you get into situations where you cant go at it alone and so need other people to encourage you, to validate you, to prod you, to motivate you.

But what happens when your expectations are not met by others? What becomes of you, your dreams, your goals, your aspirations when the community turns its back on you simply because everyone has got their own life to fix in other ways? Do you give up? Do you stop dreaming?

Are you going to quit setting goals? Will you go to sleep and wait for the motivators to dress up and show up on your behalf? Of course not! When external motivation diminishes or completely disappears like a mist, you dont have to pack up and hole up; instead you get up and set yourself up. You get in the flow.

This is because success is never an uninvited guest. It doesnt show up when you havent done anything and it is not at its best when you are waiting for the outside motivators to get ready and come press your motivation buttons. Living a meaningful life must flow out from within. It is a debt you owe yourself. You must constantly and consistently motivate yourself from within. No individual out there can be held responsible for your level of motivation. Its something you must do for you by you.

Motivational speaker and author, Dr. Mike Murdock, says that ‘‘you will never have significant success with anything until it becomes an obsession with you. An obsession is when something consumes your thoughts and time. You will only be remembered in life for your obsession. Henry Ford, the automobile. Thomas Edison, inventions. Billy Graham, evangelism. Oral Roberts, healing. The Wright brothers, the airplane.’’

 It is highly improbable that these people amongst others not mentioned here focused on getting external motivation before taking the steps that resulted in the things they are reckoned with today. The drive always comes from within.

Get in the flow. Let the drive flow from within. You can only move forward to reach your goals. You can motivate yourself to aim higher and higher. You are not alone. Listen to your inner conscience and let the motivation begin.

Thats all from me this week and Id like to leave you with this quote by Zig Ziglar: ‘‘Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.’’

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