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Outlook with Silva G. William

What does your Outlook feels like and your private eating habit led to?   Hear the story of a beautiful lady:

One thing I have battled with since I became a mom, is my weight. I seems  not to get a consistent grasp on it for a long period of time. I have given in to my weakness (food/sugar) over and over again, continuing to destroy my health and my body.

Something that will keep my Health Outlook glowing and flourishing …I can’t destroy it . What is causing me to eat, binge, or gorge on sweet stuffs fatty food? What is keeping me from taking care of my outlook and being kind to myself?

It is an interesting question, or what do you think? So, rewind to last week…I ran across something. I sent the photo to myself because I didn’t want to forget it. The funny thing is I have remembered it every day, a couple of times a day, since I first saw it. This is what I have had stuck in my head and barking at me every time I go to eat something…

Ain’t that the truth?! So why do I do it? Why do I eat what I know is not healthy for me? Why do I eat things that defy my goals in achieving a flourishing  outlook?

What is propelling this addiction to food? Why am I not taking care of myself?  Why am I kind to others even if they are not kind to me, yet so critical about this outlook myself? Why do I think that just “one more…” won’t show on the scale or on my body…Outlook? What is going on in this brain of mine? Really, as much as I would like to admit it, it’s not my stomach, it’s my brain.

Why can’t my brain get fat instead of my stomach?! Lol ! Anyway…

All very good questions…the only potential answer I have come with thus far is that I am eating to comfort, to soothe and to love myself. I need to find new ways to do this or my weight will never go down…. Hard to admit… I thought about not posting this…but really, I think it’s only going to help me (and hopefully someone else) with this problem. I know I can overcome this. But, it will take time. It will take a hundred percent effort every week, every day, every hour and sometimes every few seconds.

Even when I reach my goal weight, it will still take the same amount of effort (or more) to stay there. Yes, it will be hard…but I have a feeling that it worths it

We all are targeting a goal and we would want to achieve it.  Here is a pyramid system I want us to use and hit this. …

My very pretty outlook for flourishing in 2017

You would join me and I will keep posting kilos of our weekly achievements, do’s and don’ts…

Get your weight scale in the bathroom…

Your diet list on the kitchen wall/cabinets

Your refrigerator stocked with green…..

The next one week please kindly feel free to eat whatever you want to see in your outlook and after which I will send tables of our DAILY ROUTINES

My OUTLOOK is a concern and am daring to be me…

I hope you enjoyed our last week Outlook? Join me next week for an intense Outlook with benefits…

Please, make sure you leave a comment and kindly send messages in preparation to your targeted kilos as we journey on  a perfect healthy outlook. .

Loads of love

Silva G.William

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