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This week with Madam Peppadew

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African Beat

What we “the white” like most from the African culture is the music.

African music is the basic from all “black music”, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ragga, Reggae, Hip Hop, Hip life, High Life, just name it. We here in the Netherlands like , or love it.

There are several African festivals ;

Latin and African clubs are now HOT here in the Netherlands , and artists are coming over.

A lot of African artists, dancers are well known  and a lot of Europeans try to dance to the beat.

I myself , am from the old folks of course. I have been several times to Fela’s joint in Ikeja -Nigeria.

I have seen King Sunny Ade at Mundial. Danced to high live and Salsa.

I love Jazz , and the old timers beat . But also dance to the music  of  P-Square , Flavour and Timaya.

Went to parties , clubs , festivals and concerts when I was younger.

One of the favourite events I used to attend  , was African Night at Tilburg every third Saturday of the month.

Together with some of my friends it was a monthly shake your sorrows off on the beat.

African Night has  been organized by Femi Femoree since 1998 . I started to attend around 2010.

The crowd that time was more Africans , but now you see as much European visitors .

All dancing to Zouk , Naija beat, Reggae, etc.  It’s nice to see how we integrate in each other’s culture.

I like to observe things . It’s funny to see what is happening in a club like this.

And it is easy to see that there are also games being played.

My question : Did you all get the same manual before entering Europe , how to get a white girl?

The same questions , and two dances he will tell you he loves you.

Before you know, end of the evening you get a proposal. Ridiculous!!!!

Dear let me tell you … you rather scare us away. Love is intimin and takes time. Call it like.

The women too.  We always looked at the women standing in a line at the site of the dance floor. Desperate . Desperate for a young black boy to spend the night? Foolishness.

The young men , sorry , what are you thinking!

I use to laugh about it . See and observe , there they go.

Wherever you walk , the same sounds and questions.

I myself , I liked to jump on my own, before…….

Nowadays my friend is still asking me to go.

But one thing I begin to realize ……  damn my age … I am now one of those senior ladies.

Maybe better not. Let me jump at my own place.

I promise , I know Femi ,…one day I will be BACK!

sun is shining, the weather is sweet you want to move your dancing feet to the rescue, here i am want you to know, y’all, where I stand

Bob Marley – Sun is shining

 Have a nice week to Y’all … stay blessed … and dance your bud off regardless your age.

Madam Peppadew

Email: madam.peppadew@yahoo.com

Facebook: Ma Peppadew

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