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This week with Madam Peppadew

…….. How are you doing……..

 Practice  what you Preach


Imagine , it’s a hot summer around  year 1997 , place my garden in the Netherlands.

Really in the Netherlands, we have four seasons, spring , summer , autumn and winter.

Let’s say we have four raining seasons with 4 different options aside.

Spring with nice colours and a temperature around 18 degrees Celsius , summer with sun and suffocating temperatures till 30 degrees , autumn  rain and more rain, and winter the rain will get strong and become snow and ice.

But just imagine it’s a nice warm summer day. I invited some Ghanaian friends for a barbeque.

I bought a lot of meat, hot drinks and beer. Of course when you know one African , they will demand all your single friends to come to be hooked up.

So get the picture , some Ghanaian men and some Dutch ladies. And drinks were flowing richly.

If you have nothing to talk about , or to present , you start to be bragging of what you don’t have or never have been doing, right ? Especially when you start to be drunk.

You want to impress , and start preaching of something you think  will not be easy for somebody to control if it has really happened……… Not with this lady , men…..

Charlie, you know… uhh can somebody explain me why the all be called Charlie.

Charlie , you know , I can really ice skate very well. Am a champion.

Even I was in the national ice hockey team. Silence , and laughter.

They looked at us , do we impress these ladies . I was just putting more spice to the story.

Really , do they have ice in Ghana?

Now it started to be a problem. The other one was a little wiser or less drunk.

No that was my time in London . I knew he had never been there , but ok.

Did not want to fool him too much. Maybe.

Yeah, so he continues  his story. I had my own skates but left them in London.

“Not so, you can never skate like me, am a champ, started the other”.

I blinked to my friend. Don’t talk. I will show them.

Gave them a little more whiskey.

You know what , let me take you guys for outing. My treat.

My friend will follow no problem. Happy, oh oh oh soooooo happy. We got the big fish!

I put them in my car, the other Charlie started to romance my friend.

And I drove , right to the ice-skating hall. For those who don’t know, This is a place with artificial ice.

Now show us your skills.

Ahhh we don’t have skates. Next excuse!

No problem, so I rented two pairs  for both of them.

I could see they did not even know how to put them on.

My friend laughed . I helped to put the skates on. And pushed them to the ice.

See problem . It was really like an old time slapstick movie. Their legs were going everywhere .

Stupid enough to tell us that the ice is slippery . Of course it is , it is ice!

Little children gave them chairs to hold to be able to stand on the ice and move a bit forward.

A big crowd started to come around the ice to watch them. Two comedians on the ice.


No they were not angry at me , why? Their own bragging brought them into this position.

We had a good laugh all together.

So men , if you want to impress somebody, use something you are really capable of doing.

Otherwise , madam P will show you pepper.

Be able to practice what you preach!!!!!!!!

A nice week to you ‘all,


Madam Peppadew

Email: madam.peppadew@yahoo.com

Facebook: Ma Peppadew


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