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This week with Madam Peppadew

….. How are you doing?….

 The Netherlands , land of Milk and Honey,

 A lot of people think the Dutch are a rich and nice people , honest because of complexion.

Peaceful and economic stable

Is it ???

We the Dutch are even changing our mind.

The Netherlands has been an attractive country for those who are looking for economic better live or those who want to escape the unstable government of where they live.

We have immigrants maybe more than we can count.

Let me tell you , I am not against different cultures and races. Before you think that is what I am trying to do in my story. Not at all. To me, borders are inventions of rulers and leaders, greediness and selfishness. Never has the world been built with them in the first place..

But when we have something for the human race not easy to share, we create them.

Am trying to get to the topic , that a lot of people are not well informed before getting here.

Most are coming here in a unofficial way. And getting into big issues , nobody dare to talk about.

Why ….. very easy …what is the world turning around…MONEY.

Mostly those who are left behind in Africa , South America or any part of the world with no income possibility , are blinded by lies and stories.

Often ,they see what a brother who has stayed more than his lifetime in Europe send back home.

Old cars and second hand goods. Do they really inform you how they got them?

Taking three jobs, and not eating well…just the boost in their own country.

Do you even know  that most of them are the once who came here in the 90’s.

The law has changed here so much that for the new people , there is no job opportunity.

No way to get a work permit  or even a black job. Working with another person’s ID, all the ways are blocked. Being cached is one-way prison and sending back.

Even among the Dutch, there is a high rate of people without jobs.

Do you know that if you are lucky, 2/3 of your money is going back to the government by automatic drawn taxes. That there is a law that you have to have some insurance which also withdraws from our income. Not much left huh…

And women , do you really know how they want you to pay your connection fees.

Most of you land in prostitution. Even by the so called men who said they want to marry you here.

Do you all know , that even marriage and child is not anymore a reason to let you stay.

Do you know , it is an obligation for the language , and other exams.

Do you know that the first thing they will tell you ,…Holland is full

Do you know , that even a stay can be withdrawn any time.

Do you know , your connection want to get rich of you …and a lot die on the road.

Do you know that the Sahara is not meant  to be crossed by legs

Do you know, that the boats are not taking so much people and sink.

Do you know, that through all the attacks lately in this world  that people really differ in cultures

Do you know , that our country language is not English ..

Do you know , that the BIG MADAM in your village  is probably working with her legs up here

Do you know, that there are more people going to use you abroad and live a better life than you.

Do you know, your Bachelor is not recognized here,

Probably not,

Probably not even people  like me should tell you,

But do you know that most Dutch are dreaming to retire in a tropical country.

And they are not moving because of ….. the same stupid money they don’t have.

Am not telling you not to explore the world , but look beyond the pink clouds they are

creating for you. It is all a lie , look well , listen well, and use your brains.

Travelling makes you to develop yourself, but use it wisely …

Welcome to the Netherlands my dear, coffee is ready ….


Madam Peppadew

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