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This week with Madam Peppadew

….. How are you doing ……


Maraboout – Medicanman – Fake Prophets – Juju and a Dutch …


Believe me , I have seen it … passed it and experienced it.

(really that is very strange for a Dutch)


I was not brought up with any spiritual believe in anything. The Dutch are not busy on those things.

But during one of my trips, I accidentally got in contact with what they call juju.

I was sitting on a bench outside the house. When I heard a fight between two people.

Even they were husband and wife. Fight as they explained to me because of one grandchild stealing money . He wanted to travel  abroad.

The grandfather started to blow a horn made of a goat , and powder came out.

The grandmother took a chick , killed it and started to curse the man.

I laughed , it was like discovery channel for me.,

It was a serious case, and dangerous. So they explained to me that both father and mother were Juju priests. I was just thinking to myself … right …Africa.

It was my first time, but not my last to witness such . I did not believe in these things. But I have seen the outcome for those who do.

To me it was just a funny story.


The second time it was a prophet, also what I have never experienced.

I went to a Ghanaian church at Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There was a prophet who just came to heal people. I was invited by somebody. We got a seat close to the stage.

People were falling from their chairs , shouting, doing a lot of strange things in my eye .

I was arguing . it’s a set up. All what he is telling them is something they inform the man about.

There sicknesses , bad habits ect. Somebody is informing him with a headset.

No, my company told me … God is good.

The prophet was not speaking English but Twi , a tribal language in Ghana. Suddenly he was turned his face towards our side. I was sitting like….four rows from the stage and dodged myself behind the person in front of me. Everybody wanted to be pointed out and started to sit up straight. Not me.

He shook his head and they took me out. I was the only white in between a thousand visitors.

He started to talk to me and lay his hands on my head. They translated it in English.

All what he was saying was shocking and correct. I did not answer… I was proved wrongly.

They asked my friend if I did not understand English , but I was in shock.

And ran , cried  out of the church.


Some years later I met my partner who is late now. We suddenly became big issues in life.

They said it is spiritual and we have to fight it in that manner.

Even after all what I had seen during my traveling and in churches I still doubted.

Ja right , of course . So I met a marabou from Guinea.

That was even more mambo jambo to me…. Well let me tell you , it never worked.

The marabout  put his eyes on me and not my issue . Money talk, of course.


Do I believe now , hmmmmmmmmm


I know that there is more under the horizon. I know there is more than I can see.

But what I have seen is also big business. Even some people who are gifted one way or the other use it for other purposes. To get money , they can destroy and kill.

Even the ones who are really gifted by the Lord , should not be paid upfront , as God gave them free to help people.

Wow if I only had the gift of healing. Nobody would die in my area.

I am not rich , but all I have I can share. So if God had given me that why should I not pass it on and use it for free


Therefore the ones who tell you , I can help, if only you can give me €600 to kill a cow.

Sorry , very very sorry … you are a big big thief. But not out of pocket!


Big respect I have for those who had prayed for me in a critical situation in my life.

For free , out of sisterly love. Prayer groups of more than one church.

Family, but also ex-relatives surrounded me and stood by me.

I believe that spiritually that helped me more than I can pay for.


Stay strong and dont let your sorrows make somebody to misuse you,

Pray  and work hard to get yourself back together,

It works , and when it does not, it is the path you have to walk …destiny.

Never give up, even though there is no healing , there is life….


Love ,

Madam Peppadew


Email; madam.peppadew@yahoo.com

Facebook : Ma Peppadew

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