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Different Is Not Bad

Someone once observed that ‘‘what if everyone were an Einstein, a Mozart, or a Michael Jordan? The possibilities sound attractive, but if everyone were a genius in these fields, accomplishments of any one person would not have the value those achievements now have when genius is limited.’’ Lets face it. At one point in life or the other, we have had feelings of uncertainty and inferiority complex. Why? The reason is because some are unable to discern who they are truly from who they wish they were or who others expect them to be. At other times, it becomes so much easier for some to theorise about the amazing potentials they possess than it is to put these potentials to work and produce tangible results.

But the good news is that we are all different and different is not bad! One of the biggest mistakes you can make in life is to wallow in self doubt. Self-doubt is destructive. However, learning to accept yourself and connecting to your individuality is a sign that you are ready to reach destiny. Wherever you find yourself and no matter your physical or mental makeup, the essence and quality of your person should be appreciated by you in the first place. In other words, instead of finding it so much more comfortable and convenient trying to be someone else different from whom you are, why not seek to find channels of expression that represent your own unique personality.

Admiring positive qualities or abilities in others is not bad in itself but coveting someone elses personality or wishing to take on their abilities or seeming perfections is nothing short of making a mockery of yourself as a unique creation. Truth be told; every individual is a vessel with ability to achieve great things. If only we will take the time needed to look inward and discover all the abundant potentials yearning to be unleashed. In fact, those who tend to focus on the person of others will always overlook what they have and can achieve and end up becoming something else. You dont have to try to be some other person. Be you.

Any mindset that leads you to believe that if only you were blessed with a different make up other than what you have is delusion at work. Theres nothing wrong with having healthy ambition or wanting to live an evidential life. Its not unnatural to desire popular qualities or ‘’well-respected’’ abilities but the snag is when you begin to diminish your value in favour of something different. Discovering your true identity, understanding your purpose for being and knowing how to function in your individuality become important to help you appreciate that indeed different is not bad; instead different should be highly esteemed as a seed –  to be nourished and nurtured to peak performance.

Different is beautiful when everyone deploys their individuality to fulfil purpose and create an atmosphere filled with attractive diversity. No one person is superior. We are all individual threads that make up the unique tapestry called mankind. Why dont you try and discover your place in that tapestry? Why dont you seek to find what makes life worth living for you? Why dont you look for that single thing that you can do effortlessly and be yourself doing it and loving it? Find it. Run with it. Thats what makes you beautiful and different and different is not bad.

With Betty Ige        bolajibetty@yahoo.com

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