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This week with Madam Peppadew

Little monkeys do ….what the big once do

………..How are you doing ………………

I promised anecdotes, but this week news brought me in a deep shock.

In a primary school in this city there were children sexual abused.

Am talking about the age of six and seven years old , hold under force to surrender the treatment.

No not by an adult , but the same age group.

No not let me see yours and you will see mine, what can be explained as normal sexual interest for a young age. But real oral sex and physical abuse under miners.

In the same week there was a secondary school where a student released a teargas bomb.

Two weeks before a couple of little girls kidnapped, raped and killed. Same age group.

How many times you get to know of suicide by children . Shootings in schools …..

Ages between twelve and sixteen years old

Schools should be the save heaven for our kids.

What’s going wrong in this world!!!!!

The answer is quite simple, we the adults are the ones they copy.

We are building our children as brutal criminals, rapist, thief’s and murderers.

Am wrong, abi ?????? Nah lie, no be your child………..

Look your back well , check your actions , and watch your mouth.

We are the guilty for the breakdown of the future of our children and grandchildren.

Everything is open by the net and television.

Do you watch films on you tube , facebook or maybe porn.

Are you on the pc with your child in your background? Or do you have friends who post this crap and you like it? Do you understand that the cousins or children who also became friends on somebody’s list can maybe also watch it? Do you have this sick mind even to like it.

I have seen pictures and films of several abuses, little children beaten up, naked women fighting,  thief’s live burned, people cut into pieces, abuses of animals.

In one week maybe you will get 10 or more of those passed by.

Properly of a friend of a friend.

Your child can also see this and as you like it , they can see it as normal.

To me … you are definitely 100% straight out of my friend list. Shift-Control-Delete.

Am against any form of abuse of any creature or human.

My stomach turns and I can never get things out of my mind.

My questions always is , who is filming this and why did he or she not stopped it!!!

Than post it ….for what!!!!!  Hatred among people , a sick mind , what’s wrong with you.

And see, what is happening. As we the adults do so, our little monkeys will copy.

The children of nowadays can explain you any form of crime against his or her fellow human.

Action movies are watched by to young kids, and no adult standing by to see what the child is watching on the net. We don’t mind our tongue , I’ll shook you when you do so …. And our actions or seriously wrong.

Am not scarred for myself , but the future world for my grandchildren. Are they going to live in a all over ghetto we have built for them.

As parents please , let us all comply to make the future of our children a save and better place!

Stop abuse … Stop liking it …Posting it… .Watching it…Acting it …..

One Love,

Madam Peppadew


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