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I didn’t set out to be a comedian- Kansiime Anne

Kansiime Anne is an all-round entertainer from Uganda mostly known for comedy and affiliated to a sketch comedy group called Fun Factory. She is not only popular in her country, she is  a household name in many African countries.

In an interview with Sunday Oyinloye, Publisher of Green Savannah Diplomatic Cable, the popular comedian speaks about her journey to stardom and other issues.


How did your journey to stardom begin?

It was through a radio drama show on which I used to do multiple voice- over and that was where I met some actors from a sketch comedy group who invited me for their show and next thing I knew, I was acting with them and I loved every bit of it.

 What inspired you to go into comedy ?

I was always the best story narrator among my friends with my version of the story making it seem like I had not shared the same experience with any of my friends, so in a way, comedy chose me because I didn’t set out to intentionally become a comedian even though I had been acting since I was a child.

Are you fulfilled  as an entertainer ?

Extremely, in fact, I can’t see myself at a desk job. I am always too excited and ready to go.

How do your fans receive you in Uganda and other parts of the world.?

I come from Uganda, I love Uganda and it is where it all started, so I am definitely grateful for my Ugandan friends and then my Ninjas from the rest of the world who have promoted me like their own. Surely I am grateful that I have been well received.

 Is there anything  that the world does not know about Kansiime Anne?

Once in a while, I too have my quiet moments where I just want to coil in a corner and scroll through my social media news feed like any normal human being or read a good book.

 Are you unique from other entertainers?

I am myself and that is the uniqueness we all have. There can never be another you or me for that matter.

What are you working on currently and what should your fans expect from you?

I have two music albums for children, just happy jingles and rhymes plus a sitcom called “Girl from Mparo” as well as the next leg of my standup comedy tour. I also opened up getaway destination called Kansiime Backpackers in Kabale by Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa so my ninjas and I are still enjoying ourselves.

Apart from acting, do you have passion for other things and how do you relax?

I have a passion for arts and craft stuff. I am a collector of good African pieces and I even make a few for my own décor, besides that, I relax by  playing cards with my friends.

How are you coping with pressure from men?

One only feels the pressure when you focuse  on it, so I simply do my best. Kansiime works and leaves the rest to God. Entertainment has no gender. What you need  is to be good and people will recognize you

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