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This week with Madam Peppadew

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 Age is just a number , a phrase used by many young people who are trying to get their sugar mummy or daddy. Is it true , is it just a number or not.?

When you are young , you are looking up to the next generation .

First to the ones already going to primary school , then secondary or high school.

The ages here in the Netherlands , sixteen because you are allowed to drive a moped.

Eighteen , because you are allowed to sit for your driving exam (a car)

And because you are an adult by law. You are free to make your own choices or live on your own.

It will go , you will build up, live between twenty and forty

And then  … suddenly you become fifty …… WHOW.

Now you are old , nothing happens till you end up .

This is how you see it when you are young.

The reality is that time has changed. People of fifty were different then when our parents reached that age. They stuck with grandparenthood and being home , doing small things.

Or staying in the job , which they have done for over twenty years waiting for their pension.

This generation of my age is totally different . The world has changed , laws have changed . Fifty is the new thirty …

I can only talk of course for myself and what I see with my age group friends.

When you were younger , things had to be done. Family, marriage , job , career, divorce, outing.

Now this age is different.

I am a mother of three , and divorced. Started my own live and moved on.

First you are desperate to have  a new family. But all is now not necessary any more.

I was CFO in an international company . Now I do what I like.

Yes, you need money. But there is no pressure any more. Therefore, you can start a total career switch.

Now am a writer , they asked me to be a plus size fashion model (unbelievable) , I work when I want to. And started a foster home in my house for abandoned dogs.

I do only what makes me happy, I don’t have to please others and don’t have to take care of kids.

Live has just started now at fifty.

My friends go to club and parties. Dance , jump like when we were in our twenties.

A friend of mine started a new education …

We of this generation don’t want to become old , or behave as we supposed to.

Live is short , and why give up …. Enjoy but don’t hurt others.


Of course you can also find new love , see new countries , and explore all what is in the world.

But don’t look back , because one thing you don’t share with the younger generation.

Live experience !

Therefore, sorry my friend … age is not just a number.

It is a time to climb the ladder. I have climbed already. We are not on the same level.

Stop fooling yourself , and take your own path in life.

One day, you reach the middle age of fifty , and understand………

Love you all,

Madam Peppadew

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