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This week with Peppadew

….. How are you doing?….

Total loss .. mind thoughts

Sorry for not writing for some weeks , I was just not inspired due to my personal situation.

The devil is always on the prow’. Likewise here in Europe,

sickness , distress , and other challenges ,are  experiences  of  life just like other parts of the world.

Everybody is dealing with these challenges in his or her own way.I shut down.

Again, I was seriously surprised by one of my “good friends”, gossiping about me.

And  I am very easy in things like that.

If you know how to talk evil about me , why be my  friend?

I spoke to a person about my personal borders. My border is don’t hurt me , nor my loved ones.

The World is a mess , so why take it into your home? ..

Cancer came to my path, my good friend and mom.

Whow …also all the money people think we have here in Holland  doesn’t always  give  you a cure for distress. Though my mom is operated and getting better.

My millionaire friend is about to die. What is the value of those Euros ?

Nothing totally nothing…..

Before, when I was young , much younger ….

We always say  we should be afraid what America and Russia do, or Japan,

.. .. and how we would get involved or hurt.

Can anybody tell me where to go , where there are no dangerous issues right now?

Is there a country really safe at the moment.

Do we think when we choose the new world leaders???

Look at them , none you would even invite to your dinner table.

You can even see that they are not ok to be with…. What is wrong with us…. Blinded maybe by false promises?

Do we still believe in fairy-tales

When my mind is spinning like this , I look at my grandchild. You poor little boy.

What your great-grandparents built up as a new world , your grandparents finally, have been broken down towards a War zone for you to start up your life.

The economy , the politics , the lifestyle and your safety have  gone.

Am a little scared for what you will go through when we are no more there.

Mind thought ,nightmare , and life events.

Sometimes life can be sweet, sometimes bitter.

We have to move on and follow our path …..

So let’s get started to rebuild , stop destroying each other , help where it is needed.

Stop shooting, gossip , hurting , sickness, abuse , fraud , …etc.

Life can be so sweet when love is involved,

Madam Peppadew


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