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This week with Pepperdew

…..How are you doing ?……..

 My heart is crying…… but my mask won’t allow you see

I was in court for the murder case of Osaigbovo this week.

Again, a proforma hearing . A proforma is a court date to see if all information and investigations are rounded up for the official date. For those who did not read all my stories.

OsaigbovoEgunwe was stabbed 37 times in the Netherlands on June 5, 2015.

You will think by now all the investigations should have been completed. But this is High Court as the murderer asked for appeal.

I saw  two judges , a chairman, an officer of justice, a clerk , two policemen and a journalist.

The perpetrator and his lawyer did not show up.

A hearing of just fifteen minutes. The requested investigation was not done, next hearing in three months. Again……


My brain was just calculating. How much was the price of this fifteen minutes.

How much salary , costs etc. have been made for this meeting.

We all came for nothing, nothing was done. Total price, more than a couple of thousand euros

Every day, the perpetrator costs more than he has ever got as salary.

My heart just started to cry…


My thoughts ran  further.

How much money from hard working people is used for taking care of wrong issues.

What we could have done with it to help

Always bad issues are overwhelming the good.

My heart is just crying…….


My mind is now going overdrive …

Thinking of the people who are stranded due to hurricanes.

Families with great loses , relatives who died, no homes, no future …..

This fifteen minutes of court , plus the daily rate of the stay in jail of this  one murderer could have helped those people for starting up new lives .

My heart is crying ….


I am thinking of what is happening all over the world.

Some world leaders we have who are making more money a year than the budget of a continent, who are filling their pockets , or using money to start wars…..

What are we actually up to.

My heart is crying……….


I left the court house , the next meeting is 5th of December.

Still , not the official hearing ….

Am feeling cold inside, though it’s a warm day.

Yak, what a world am living in……

I need fresh air, I take a walk with my foster dogs.


Tomorrow is another day,

Love Madam Peppadew


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