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Winning with the mind

By Abigail E. Otabil

In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul. Psalm 94:19

Imaginations are powerful and you can easily become a product of them. Again you are likely to take action on your accumulated thoughts rather than what you see or been instructed to do. It is therefore in your interest to imagine greatness and success for your life rather than to live in mediocrity and with the fear of failure.

The difference between those who succeed or achieve their goals and those who do nothing largely depends on their thinking pattern. In Psalm 94:19 David expressed that amidst all his thoughts he finds his joy and satisfaction in knowing the Lord. This means his imaginations are rooted on God’s eternal Word. He based his thinking pattern on the promises of God for his life and not what others thought. He simply lived for God.

David experienced many tough challenges in his life yet he never imagined failure but always thought of victory at the end of the tunnel. This was because He depended on God. He believed in divine possibility not earthly obstacles and so should you. To be great and be blessed by God you should avoid building obstacles with your thoughts. Stop giving yourself hundreds of reasons why you cannot do something but think of ten thousand reasons why you can, because the creator of the universe is your God.

In the Bible Abraham, Joseph and David all imagined their greatness though there were challenges they had to battle with. Always have a winning mentality because it helps in overcoming life challenges. Keep winning with the right thoughts in your life, because your Saviour Jesus Has already won on your behalf.

My Quote: Negative situations are unavoidable but do remind yourself of God’s abundance grace.


Source: www.freshoildevotional.org

Written by: Abigail E. Otabil


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